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Posted 13 January 2017 - 11:38 PM

                     Chapter 1





                                                         The accident








As we danced to the beat of the music, a woman                  

approached me and asked to dance. I looked over to my girlfriend who was obviously hinting toward no. “Come on it's just one dance, I’m not dumping you,” I said. “And it’s only prom.” She glared at me again, then after what seemed like minutes, she mumbled “Fine” and walked off yelling back, “Meet me at my house at five!”

     The woman was stunning, like an angel sent to me from heaven. “Are you sure it’s alright?” she asked. “Too late now,” I replied. She chuckled and took my hand. She led me to the center of the school gym, and put her hands up, Pulsing her hands to the erratic beat of the music. I soon followed the motion. Her long brown hair waving as she did so. I glanced at the clock and it read 4:23.

      She placed her hands on my waist, but I waved them off. She looked at me visibly disappointed. Her face lifted, and started walking toward her bag.

      She pulled out a bottle of vodka and a few shot glasses. She walked to me, excited. I was smiling before I could stop myself. “I saved this for a special occasion, and I think we could both have a few shots.” She said,

    “Oh absolutely.” I replied. Our school is very lenient, so they allowed us party without supervision. Except one teacher using his phone, as his only job is to make sure we don’t all go Miley Cyrus, or vandalize the property.

      She poured a shot and handed it to me. I gulped it all down in one go, feeling its burn. She handed me one after another, and I kept drinking. I finally had enough so I wouldn’t get too drunk. I stumbled away from the crowd, and I sat in the bleachers, sick to my stomach. The girl who I haven’t a name for yet, stumbled toward me, obviously drunk.

      She fell next to me resting on my shoulder. “I forgot to ask, what’s your name?” “Ivy, and you?” she asked. “It’s Garrett.” I got a phone call from Korra, so I glanced at my watch, and it read 5:53

      “Shit! Ivy I have to go.” Her face fell.

“What for, your girly friend?" I was out the door before she had finished her sentence.

      As I ran, my head was still pounding from the vodka. I stopped and dropped to my knees. I was holding my head as if I was insane. And before I knew it, I was spitting stomach acid and vodka into the grass, leaving a horrible burn in my throat.

      I stood up and started jogging slowly to Korra’s house, dreading every step. When I arrived at her doorstep, I was greeted by her father. He gave me a pure death stare and pointed to the stairs leading to the stairs. I ran up the stairs to her room. She was standing at the door waiting for me.

      She was already in her pajamas even at 6:00. "Do you ever arrive on time?" She asked. “Apparently not,” I replied. She stared daggers. In that time period, the ground shook beneath our feet, making us hold on to the walls. It stopped then silence…

      “Was that an earthquake?” she asked. “Probably”

I was about to apologize, but a surge of pain pulsed through my veins. I let out a yelp of pain, and fell to the ground. I could see all but nothing, and I felt like bugs were crawling under my skin, injecting venom with every step. “Garrett, what happened!” I felt cold hands on my body, shaking me to my senses. The pain cut off, and I looked around.

       I could see everything in great detail. As if my eyes were magnifying glass. Every speck of dust studied perfectly. Then… everything was normal.

      “What happened, you just fainted!” “I don’t know.” The only thing that didn’t feel normal was my eyes. They burnt like hell. “What happened to your eyes, it looks like they have black veins growing through them!”

      I squeezed my eyes shut and covered them with my hands. I felt around to the bathroom and I looked in the mirror. She was right; my eyes were slowly growing black with veins. I looked back; she was standing in the doorway. “We need to get you to a hospital.”

      I was reluctant, so I said no. “You have too; you’ll go blind if you don’t!” The rumbling started again, sending another blast of pain through my skull.

I fell again, this time everything going completely dark.

      Was I dead? No, if I was dead I wouldn’t hear the screams from Korra, and feel her touch on my forehead. Or her father’s footsteps responding to her scream. Or even feel the crimson blood pour from a gash on my forehead by hitting the counter in the fall.

       I felt her father’s touch as he took me to a couch downstairs no matter how hard I tried; I could not open my eyes. The pain in my forehead was starting to cease, but the blood didn’t come close to stopping. I would have bled out if it wasn’t for Korra covering the gash with her hand until they had proper bandages.

      Their phone beeped three times, probably dialing 911. I tried to open my mouth to oppose, but my jaw wouldn’t budge. Then I tried lifting my arm to tap Korra on the shoulder, again it wouldn’t move a muscle. I couldn’t move my body at all, as if I was wrapped in duck tape.

      And as I thought, the sirens sounded outside. I wanted to moan but my body wouldn’t let me. The sirens stopped and a moment later the door slammed open. I was picked up and placed on a stretcher that was carried outside.

      I was placed in the ambulance and a thin needle was poked into my arm. The doors closed and we sped off. Thin pads were placed under my shirt, leading to a series of beeps with no more than a half-second in between each one. “Holy shit, that’s a heartbeat if I ever saw one!”

      Then I figured out that the beep I was hearing was my own heartbeat…

      The beep grew faster until a medic forced me a pill. “That should slow it, or at least stop it from going any faster.” The pill was already doing work, stopping it from going any faster. Not that it mattered anyway, you could still barely hear the space in between.

       A cold rush from the needle entered my bloodstream, it almost woke me, but I remained still. “He’s lost a good amount of blood so I took his blood type.” “And?” “D positive, he’s a universal recipient.” replied the medic. “Give him O positive.”

“Already done.” The ambulance traveled down the road, hitting a bump every now and then.

      They switched the bloodied rag on my forehead with some actual gauze. The ambulance stopped, and everyone carried me out on the stretcher, talking between each other as it happened. They took me into the hospital and placed me in a hospital bed.






















         Chapter 2







    I was wheeled into a hospital room full of doctors.

They examined the gash on my forehead. “The skull has been fractured, and it’s a miracle the bone hasn’t pierced his brain.” said one of the surgeons.

    They made me swallow some pills. Then started work, using rods to piece bones together. Poking and prodding like buzzards over a dead animal. With the help of the pills, I slept…

     I was starting to awaken, able to open my eyes, move my body, and open my mouth. I was on a hard hospital bed. A nurse standing over a metal table by a green curtain surrounding my bed, fidgeting with something I couldn’t make out.

     She turned around flicking a needle filled with a black and red speckled liquid. I wheezed the words “where am I?”

She jumped a foot off the ground and threw everything in the air, the syringe smashing on the ground. She placed her hand on her chest and tried to lean on the curtain, falling down in the process.

     A doctor ran into the room, offering a hand to the nurse. She pointed to me as I sat up. The doctor stared at me in shock or terror, but it soon turned into a smile. “Welcome back Mr.Daison,” the doctor said.

“You’ve been asleep for 2 years, in a coma.” I tried to get up in disbelief but, the doctor stopped me. “Your body is not ready for physical activity.” he said. “Where are my parents?” I asked.

    “Wanting to see you.” “I’ll call them now so you can see them again.” I sat there for what seemed like an hour, waiting for someone to show up. Finally, after a few hours, the doctor came in. “Your parents are in the lobby waiting for you.”

      The nurse came in with a wheelchair, settling it next to my bed. I hung my feet over the side, and the doctor lifted me into the wheelchair. “The nurse will take you into the lobby now.” She rolled me into a white hallway, booming with patients. A few doctors looked at me, surprised.

       “Can you stop staring at me?” A few stopped staring at me, but some kept staring secretly.

She rolled me into a large metal elevator, and took me inside. She asked

“Are you feeling queasy at all?”

“No not really,” I replied.


She pressed the lobby button and told me to relax. The doors opened to a large open room bustling with people. She rolled me out and almost immediately I was engulfed by my family. My mother was crying, as well as my sister. My father was visibly trying not to cry. “Thank god you’re back,” mother cried.

    “Was I really in a coma for two years?

“Yes you’ve been out cold.”

“Well what day is it?”

“The exact day you went into the coma, just two years later.”

Then the nurse chimed in. “its time to go back now, we need to run some tests.” I was rolled into the elevator, awestruck with everything happening.

    That’s when I heard a voice in my head.


Do not speak. I will tell you everything, but I’m short on time. First, you’re not going insane, I’m real. You can talk to me in your head, but do not say anything out loud.

  Who are you?



I recognized the name, but couldn’t find it.


Let me finish and then you can ask questions. First, do you remember anything before you blacked out?


Good what are the most important things you remember before?

  Umm… I remember the pain.

More fucking important.

    Ok umm… oh I remember seeing everything in great detail, and my eyes grew black veins.

Ok good, I can’t talk much longer, we’ll talk soon.


    I came to conscience as a doctor shined a light in my eye, blinding me unexpectedly.

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Posted 25 May 2017 - 05:07 PM

It caught my attention. 

'Life's short, Bite hard'



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