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Looking for a critique partner for a SciFi/Fantasy novel

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#1 babbling_brooke


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Posted 27 January 2017 - 10:04 AM

Hey there. I'm Brooke. I've started writing my first full-length novel and would really love to have a couple people read as I write to ensure I'm maintaining continuity of plot and details and that I'm maintaining my pace. I love my book. In fact, I'm a little obsessed with it, but I want to make sure that other people would be, too. I currently have 16 chapters and over 53k words written with the goal of approximately 100k words once it's finished. Each chapter is approximately 3,000 words and I write at a pace of one chapter every couple of days and more on the weekends (I'm a student and a mom, so I do what I can). I can read very fast with excellent comprehension. This is intended to be a series of three full-length novels and 2-3 novellas, so if you end up enjoying it, we could continue to work as partners for a while.


The blurb:


Two species are locked in an ancient war and her powers are the key to survival. If she doesn’t kill them all first.


A war has been waged for millennia between the Tandari and the Quaan – two ancient alien civilizations from the far reaches of space that were forged in battle and bound by birth. Determined to destroy or enslave any and every species they come in contact with, the Quaan have discovered a new weapon that will impact every facet of known physics and change the dynamic of the war forever. Unless the Tandari can get to it first.


Anais was born to wealth and lives in luxury aboard the newest station in Vespa Prime’s orbit. She is being groomed to take over her father’s astromining corporation until the plans of others has her world crashing down around her.


Abandoned on a desolate planet by those she trusted, she is thrust into a conflict she doesn’t understand alongside a race she was taught to fear. When she finds out the depths their enemy is willing to go to in order to win, she realizes she has no choice but to fight. Armed with only her talent in ancient Japanese weaponry, she must put her faith in the aliens she is only beginning to trust…and fall for.


However, with the horrors of war and unspeakable acts committed against her, along with her own crumbling psyche, will she be able to survive? When the deception of those around her is revealed, will she be able to overcome and face her destiny? Or will the darkness rising inside her take control and doom them all?


Some things to note about my novel for potential partners:

  • My novel has dark elements that aren't for everyone so if you're not into violence and graphic descriptions, it may not be for you.
  • Also, there's a couple brief descriptions of sexual violence, both real and perceived by the character, but they are integral to the plot and not at all for shock value.
  • There's also consensual sex and sexy scenes that can get descriptive because that's what I enjoy. I enjoy the full gamut of human emotion and make sure to include a lot of it in everything I write. It's a catharsis for me, but I understand that's not everyone's cup of tea. I just want to be very honest and upfront about what I'm asking you to read.


I enjoy reading:

  • scifi
  • science fiction romance
  • fantasy
  • some paranormal romance

I don't read:

  • clean YA
  • sweet romance.

You can't shock or upset me enough to turn me off from a book unless it's gratuitous gore or violence.


I've worked as a paper-grader for instructors and professors, so I have a very good eye and grasp of the English language, pacing, format and so on. I offer constructive criticism that's heavy on the constructive and easy on the criticism. It's just hard for me to be objective about my own book.


If you think we'd be a good fit, send me a reply or email me at authorbrookehodge@gmail.com. If you'd like to get a feel for my work before you decide, check out my blog at authorbrookehodge.wordpress.com. I have the first chapter of The Darkness Within Us along with some snippets up.


Thanks for looking!

#2 michaelaguil88


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Posted 27 January 2017 - 03:48 PM

I am big into SciFi and Fantasy and your description gives me a sorta Mass Effect/ WW2 race to build the bomb feeling. I would be willing to read and provide my input.


I have my own MS that I would love to have more eyes on if you would be interested in swapping. It is a Thriller at 57k words. Below is a brief description.


Tim killed his best friend and it looks like murder. At nineteen all he wants is to finish his studies, meet a girl, and get a job when a drunken slipup thrusts his life into chaos.


It was just another party on the frozen prairies of the Upper Midwest when childhood friend Cody challenged him to a wrestling match, a throwback to their glory days in the backyard. It was just a bit of fun until he was left holding a cake server coated in blood. To make matters worse, two other friends witnessed the whole thing. Underage and drunk, the time to call 911 ended with Cody’s life.


With a party in one room and a corpse in the other, friendships wear thin as they struggle to keep the two separate. Lacking options and fearing prison, Tim runs. His friends offer a head start, but it won’t last long. Crossing borders and characters both well-meaning and unsavory alike, Tim journeys to the cold dark places of the Earth in search of salvation.


It contains some profane language, violence (including murder, but nothing over the top. Or, I don't think so anyway.), and a few sexual situations including a scene of sexual abuse. It is quite dark, edging on bleak, but reads quickly and has a lot of action.


Let me know if you're interested.



#3 babbling_brooke


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Posted 28 January 2017 - 12:04 AM

It sounds interesting! Send me an email and we'll discuss the details!

#4 SharonMorrisWagner


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Posted 11 February 2017 - 10:23 PM

Still looking for a swap?

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