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CLOAKS AND DAGGERS (High Fantasy) Synopsis

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 01:11 AM

So, this is my second time writing a synopsis. I stuck to the rules and tried to keep everything about the story's plot. I'm hoping this helps a little, but I could use a little extra advice on naming characters.


RAEZ - True Main Character

LYZA - Main Character

DANE - Main Character


Vaudez is the main villain and mostly mentioned after chapter 7 or so. (Should he be in all caps?)
Emily "Captain of the king's guard" Mentioned throughout the novel and has a fairly big part with the main character. (Should she be in all caps?)

If anyone has some tips on this, I'd be MORE than grateful for them, and as always, I'll do my best to return critiques. Thanks :)



RAEZ is a man with good intentions that believes that if death were the punishment for causing war and violence the world would be peaceful. During the day he works as an emissary to the southern king, but during the night he assassinates those that disrupt the peace. The day before an ambush on the Eastern Capital by the West’s army, Raez, joined by a lionesque spirit, LYZA, assassinate the  General of the Western army, forcing them to turn away. He returns to his home in the south and meets DANE, a master-level spellcaster he believes could be a spy.


After returning to the capital to lie to his king about accomplishing his strictly peaceful mission, he disappears into the night to kill Dane. His attempt to ambush and question Dane is thwarted by a harpy spirit who nearly takes his life. Dane saves Raez’s life and is apprehended the next day by northern soldiers under false charges and taken to the north. Hours later Raez is apprehended with news that his king was murdered and he’s the prime suspect. The Captain of the King’s guard is given the late king’s will, which says Raez is to be king, so she speaks with him. After being brought before a council to prove his innocence, Raez escapes the south and races to the north, knowing that Dane is the

only one who knows of his innocence and can prove it.


In the north Dane is brought before King VAUDEZ, who questions him about his involvement with the three spirits of the world. After Dane refuses to acknowledge his vendetta against Lyza, who killed his fiancé long ago, or be bribed with a power Vaudez claims he’d use to rule the kingdoms, Vaudez nearly kills him. After being taken to his cell, he begins to use his unique magic to begin to control the minds of Vaudez’s soldiers.


Meanwhile, Raez fends off a pair of trackers sent to capture him and the Captain of the king’s guard speaks with the harpy spirit to prove Raez’s innocence. As she leaves for the North as Raez and Lyza are captured while Dane escapes from the last soldiers who aren’t mind controlled, meeting with a dragon spirit to prepare for an attack on the castle.


Vaudez tortures Lyza and Raez as revenge for his late fiancé but refuses to kill Lyza. While imprisoned, the southern king’s advisor appears before Raez revealing that he framed Raez in an attempt to force Raez to act so that he and Lyza could be captured by Vaudez. Moments later, the dragon spirit attacks, knocking the advisor unconscious before rescuing Raez as Dane rescues Lyza and the captain of the king’s guard who is captured shortly afterward.


Raez, Dane, the captain, and the spirits return to the castle for a raid. Raez and Lyza battle against Vaudez, who calls for his guards. Dane shows up alongside an entire army of mind-controlled northern soldiers. Lyza catches Vaudez’s throat in her jaws and executes him at Raez’s command.

After Vaudez’s death, Raez accepts his role as the new king and hosts a celebration of unity between the four kingdoms where a new king of the north is named.

[536 Words]


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