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Inca Culture before Spanish Conquest

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Posted 01 April 2017 - 08:24 PM

I'm working on a historical fiction set in the Incan Empire before the Spanish Conquest, when Pachacuti was Sapa Inca (if that helps).


I've done some research about the culture, but if anyone knows much about it please let me know.


I'd especially like to know more about female roles, as in what they're allowed to do, where they work, etc.  But anything helps.


Thanks so much!

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Posted 06 April 2017 - 02:12 PM

Hello there,


I'm Peruvian so I know my share of Inca culture, but of course it never hurts to do some extra research. 


As with many other ancient cultures, females didn't have it easy, however the "female sign" could be found anywhere. The moon for example, (La Luna, f.) was considered the Sun's wife/sister (Inti, the sun, being their most important deity). We also have Pacha mama (Mother earth), which was highly adored as the Inca were very close to the earth.


The Inca's emperor wife was called Coya, and she was as important as the Inca emperor, each Coya had a number of Acllas (service maidens) for her company. Acllas were young when selected, usually in her teens, and once picked they would be removed from society and strictly for the Emperor's service, which would made them, higher "nobility" than other women. I read that Acllas were usually selected from the most important families, so not anyone could be one.


Also, when a family had a son born in the family, the empire would provide with an amount of land to be worked on, called tupu. But only half of it if the family had a daughter. 


Hope that helps,



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