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Would these be weird comps for my novel?

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 05:00 PM

So my novel is about a ruthless female warrior who loses her memories and her ability to fight and needs everyone to think she's still that same warrior. She also starts to learn she used to be a pretty terrible person. So far, I've been describing it as 13 Going On 30 meets Tamora Pierce, because it combines magic, sword fighting, and a situation where the protagonist has to convince everyone she's someone she's not (like in the Alanna series). I know it's kind of a weird combination, so I was wondering what other people think. Would I be better off leaving out the comps?

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 10:57 PM

I honestly am not familiar with 13 going on 30 so I can't say on that one... the Tamora Pierce sounds spot on though.


This movie might actually be a good comp, but given that it came out in 1991 and I couldn't remember the name and had to go to IMDB to find it probably means it wouldn't be a good one to use for high-concept purposes. (good movie though)



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Posted 06 April 2017 - 09:02 AM

Wow, I never realized how much a younger Bob Hoskins reminded me of Kal Penn.

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Posted 06 April 2017 - 10:38 AM

When/if you're listing the other book titles yours would compete with or compare to, you want to use more recently released books. (Some writers add this list to their queries.) But when you're explaining the story by saying such and such meets this and that, what you've got is perfectly fine.It's just a quick way to explain your story. I once pitched an idea to my agent saying, "It's West Side Story meets Sons of Anarchy." Obviously, these won't be the comp titles listed in my proposal when this manuscript goes on submission, but because they quickly set the tone of the story they make a great pitch opening. :smile:     

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