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UNWRITTEN needs writers

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Posted 26 October 2017 - 09:27 AM

hello, my name is jara and i am looking for someone who wants to help me writing with my game, because by myself i get stuck often in some parts. i am looking for someone who has already completed a story before since i noticed it's harder than i thought to make a story where every detail makes sense and doesn't clash with other parts and also to even think how your plot progresses and make the content of the story also good. i have managed to think of a plot myself, and already wrote quite a lot for the story of girl1. my game has about 10 active members. examples of artwork attached.

IF INTERESTED, MAIL TO: jarafee@hotmail.com


Before joining, we'll let you do two things to see if you are capable:

1) thinking of something to add to the story (i will tell you what exactly in email/pm)
2) giving critique/advice on what we have so far.



these are the 8 characters right now:
Platform: PC.
Engine: Unity.
Language: C#.
Genre: Fantasy Action RPG.
Map: Isometric.

Combat: Free-Roaming


the game has 8 playable characters. each with a different element, weapon and story:
- girl1: light, sword and shield.
- girl2: poison, daggers.
- girl3: fire, katars.
- girl4: blood, scythe.
- girl5: nature, lance.
- girl6: ice, instruments.
- girl7: thunder, bow and arrow.
- girl8: dark, two handed sword.

the game is about two writers. the first people (like adam and eve, only in god form). one of them has the power of space, and one of them the power of time. the space writer made a world where people lived with free will, but the time writer decided to take it from them and discarded the space writer from time. but what he couldn't expect was that she left traces of her in the shape of cloaks (the cloaked figures). one day 8 different girls, 4 sets of twins find a book. before this happened, they wrote a story that predicted what was going to happen. though they were unaware of this being a prediction, they just thought they were writing a story. this book leads them to something in between heaven and hell. the beginning of the everything in space and time. this is where the two writers are. those girls were the only ones with free will in the world where they came from, although they didn't notice, everything else around them is fake. the girls have all landed in a different "world" of the book. in each world, everything seems broken and shattered, while the inhabitants are waiting for a hero to save them. this is all made up by the timewriter to mislead them. eventually they end up in a cave. they see their twins are in the opposite world. they meet the cloaked figure and he will grant the girls choices once in awhile. depending on which choice you make the outcome of the story will be different. each girl eventually picks a side: time (weiss) or space (astrea). The sisters will fight against each other, trying to defend their side. They will also figure out the cloaked figures are a reflection of themselves, of their deepest fear.


GIRL1, 2, 5, 6 - ASTREA

GIRL3, 4, 7, 8 - WEISS

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