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Hard Critic Wanted - Fantasy

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#1 missbee


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 10:09 AM

I'm on the eternal search for a partner with which to traverse the universe of fiction! Long term partner wanted.


I've responded to a handful of folks here, but haven't heard back from many. I figured I'd go ahead on the offensive and see who bites.


What I'm writing: It's a Brandon Sanderson-esque type world intended for a higher level teen audience. Think Sanderson meets Rowling (not that I claim to be anywhere near either in talent or ability, but that is my intent).


What it's about: A band of heroes faces a foe much more powerful, but some are reluctant and not much is understood about their situation. They have to piece things together from their various cultures, and each brings a special "ability" (would never call it this in the book, as it's a normal part of their world). The complex lore, characters, and cultures is something I really like working with. High fantasy, you might say.


What I have: I average 1000-2000 a day, but weekly only pump out about 1000 a week for review. I work 60+ hours a week at my 'real' job, but I spend all my extra time and down time writing and reading and writing. I really believe that giving insights to other works will help me significantly, so I'd like to dedicate a healthy portion of my time to helping out my partner.


What I can bring to the table: I have been an English teacher at the secondary level for only 6 years, but I'm efficient and can copy edit while content editing. My feedback is sometimes called 'candid' as I like to write my feedback the way I might say it in my head. I don't like to take the time to make my comments formal. Something like: "Who's this dude? Am I supposed to care about him? because I don't."


I have an audience for you! I run the creative writing club for my district and have access to teens who are super-nerds and will read anything. They nearly lost their minds when I told them I was going to give them pieces of draft to give feedback on. For what it's worth, they have already helped me with their perspectives on my first chapter drafts. I can include my partner's work for them to give feedback, and then let you know their comments. So if your audience is teens, this is an option. I'd never share anything that you didn't want though.


I have a lifetime access to Patterson's Masterclass series. While I wont break any rules to share the course with you specifically, I am totally willing to share what I've learned! I would not recommend spending the 90$ on it though. There are some golden nuggets that I really liked and would share.


What I'm looking for: A harsh critic who can really tell me: "This sh*t doesn't make sense." and "This battle scene is boring af"... I'm not saying I'm looking for someone to curse at me, but I really just want someone to be comfortable with telling me when something really sucks or even just kinda' sucks. I need someone who knows fantasy and reads it for pleasure, as I mostly struggle with the establishment of lore concepts. I need someone who is used to figuring out and navigating alternate worlds in reading.


Trial swap! Let's switcharoo and see how it goes first. I wont be hurt if you think it's not a good match.


My timeline: I'd love to swap 1000-2000 words twice a month, though I can do this weekly if you want to. This, I've found, is the kicker for most partners it seems. If this is too high a pace, I understand. My timeline fluctuates with the school year, but I will always let you know when I'm not available. I really want to hold myself accountable for the craft by keeping to my own deadlines, but if it's not your jam, that's cool! Let me know what your timeline is if it's a bit less or a bit more. 


PM me if you're down or if you think I have the wrong idea of a critique partner. Love you all, and may the Force be with you.

#2 Lois_Lane


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Posted 31 January 2018 - 03:27 PM

I'm open to it. Would you like to exchange our synopsises and first chapters? I write science fantasy and am currently working on one work right now.

#3 pipster_61


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Posted 23 February 2018 - 06:44 PM

Your MS sounds interesting and I’d love to do a swap of the first three chapters to see if we are a fit if you are keen. I’ve CP’d before and would have no trouble giving you honest feedback without being a dick. My novel is a YA/Fantasy that I really want to get up to querying level so I’m kind of in the same boat with needing harsh feedback.
If you are interest please feel free to PM or email me at pipster_61@hotmail.com

#4 Dinda-Maulidya


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Posted 09 March 2018 - 11:48 PM

Hi there,


I'm also writing a fantasy novel (still struggling with deciding if it is YA or adult and might be towards epic fantasy). 


I would be very interested in swapping with my first chapter and also giving you my honest opinions. 


My story is about an only survival white elf with no memories and an imaginary friend that is taken to be a personal slave to a man who involves in the mass slaughter of her kind. 


If you're interested, you can send your story to my email (dindamaulidya9@gmail.com) or just PM, whatever you want. 


Thank you

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