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Need Help With Navigation.

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Posted 30 November 2017 - 11:23 PM

Hi, everyone,

Someone is going to have to tell me how to navigate and/or use this social media (is that the right description?). I know next to nothing about these things. All my life my 'social' experiences involved talking on a telephone (what's texting?), actually writing letters in long hand and/or with a manual typewriter, or going to the local American Legion to see friends and hear the latest news of interests to veterans.  And that's it.  What I know about being useful on sites like this (AQ and others) can be etched in inch high letters on a dime with enough room to quote half the Gettysburg Address.  So I really need some advice from the more worldly/modern members of this group.  Enough of my failings.  Just who the heck am I when it concerns writing.


I guess I started in the fifth grade when I read "On The Beach" and didn't particularly like the ending; so I rewrote it.  I've been writing something or other ever since. Before and after college, my major occupations have been singer/musician in C&W bands when I was stationed in Germany, lived in upstate New York, and back in Missouri where I grew up.  I helped start up the college radio station where we had no budget to speak of and everything that was broadcast was home-made.  No NPR or any other piped in programming.  I helped write scripts for Sci-Fi dramas, some comedy pieces, and a full hour music related drama.  Then it was off into the real world of radio for about four years when I discovered that sometimes the business was not always solvent, so I left and went to work as a Veterans Service Officer for about 23 years. Along the way I got involved with historical re-enactment. I helped found a Celtic/Scottish group in 1989 called Clann of the Wolf. I was the first editor of its newsletter Wolf Tracks. By shamelessly exploiting any opportunity, I helped bring the group to international status, as well as nation-wide. I researched and wrote a 20-part series on the Scottish monarchs, which in 20 years is on its third run in the newsletter.  By this time my hair is white, I have two daughters and a grandson, and totally disabled.  What to do?


Well, I'm glad you asked.  My wife found a short story I wrote three decades ago and nattered at me incessantly for a couple of years to turn it into a full length book.  Okay, Hon.  Whatever you say.  Now the book is done and I'm adapting several other short stories for the same demise.  And that is how I came across AgentQuery. So back to my first plea.  I don't know what or how to do use this site and desperately need the understanding and help of someone who does know what to do.


Thanks one and all who might respond.

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Posted 01 December 2017 - 09:46 PM

Hi WWP, and welcome the the site. You've already got the hardest bit down of setting up an account and figuring out an account. As for using the site, well... Navigation starts back on the main page (agentqueryconnect.com). From there, you can enter all of the various boards, depending on your needs. I would say that likely for now, your most useful ones are going to be under the second red header, AQ Connect - Query Letter & Hook Corner. Under there, you can find various boards. In "Query Critiques", you can make a new thread (just as you did for this one) and copy and paste your query into that for people to critique. You can also critique other people's queries, which will make them more likely to critique yours. When critiquing someone else's, you can just hit the "Quote" button at the bottom of the relevant post, and that'll automatically give you a copy of what they wrote that you can type your comments right into. You can also increase your chances of people responding even more by making a signature that will automatically copy to the bottom of your post, in which you can include a link to your query for easier access. To do this, create your post with your query, then copy the web address. Up at the very top of the page, you'll see your user name with a little arrow beside it. Click on it, and one of the options you'll see is "My Settings". On the page that takes you to, you'll see a tab labeled "Signature". Then just paste the address into space provided, along with a line inviting people to give a critique. Save changes, and voila, now people can easily reciprocate every time you provide a critique.


There are a lot of other boards here, and I honestly haven't explored them all, but the most used is the "Query Critique". But do feel free to check out what some of the other ones are, particularly ones like "Synopsis Critique" and "250 Words - What Do You Think?". Most of the boards also often have a post or two up at the top that are "pinned" (with a nice green marker saying pinned beside the title), which might include advice or just a how-to on how to post in them, so do check those out beforehand.


Lastly, if you're reading this and going, "What the heck is this query she's even talking about?", then read here on what a query is and how to write one:




Apologies if that's something you already know, but I figured it was better to be thorough than to not.


Anyway, I hope this helps some, at least. People here tend to be pretty helpful, too, so don't be afraid to ask more, like if you need to edit a post or something. If you need any clarifications or have any specific questions, please ask.


Good luck with the querying process.

Nothing to reciprocate on right now; I'm off in the query trenches.

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