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THE VAMPIRE'S WIFE, paranormal - Revised 3/19

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 11:18 AM

Second revision:


Dear [agent]:


When Lydia's love of history leads her into the crypt of a medieval castle in Transylvania, she accidentally awakens a long-dead prince infamous for cruelty and bloodlust, Vlad Dracula. But Vlad wants more than her blood: (I'd replace the colon with a dash) he'll spare her life if she helps him reunite with his beloved undead wife.


To stop him from sinking his fangs into her, Lydia accepts the bargain. Instead of the brutal monster Lydia expects, Vlad becomes a model of fifteenth century courtesy and respect. Chivalry, apparently, is undead. But Lydia knows that darkness lurks behind his courtly fa├žade. A As a student of history at Oxford, she's read accounts of the atrocities he committed centuries ago, and worries his violent urges will turn on her next.


As the search for his wife stretches on, Vlad's patience wears thin. Lydia will have to combine her historical research skills with savvy modern-day internet stalking and face-recognition software in order to find this mysterious woman. If Vlad's patience runs out, Lydia might become another of his many victims.


But Lydia's search unearths a secret better left buried: a long-ago tryst between Vlad's wife and his murderer. Far from achieving eternal domestic bliss for Vlad, the consequences are deadlier than Lydia or Vlad could ever imagine. I don't feel this is necessary, you've already given us the stakes.


THE VAMPIRE'S WIFE is adult paranormal fiction with strong historical and romantic elements, focusing on Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula character. Complete at 83,000 words, the novel is a dual narrative; it alternates between Lydia's modern world and Vlad's medieval existence.


[bio and sendoff]



I'm struggling with the 4th paragraph: I want to hint that there's more to the story than Lydia finding Vlad's wife, and I don't want it to feel too vague, but I can't really make it more specific without getting into more of the plot which will bog the query down. Any thoughts are appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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