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Posted 15 March 2018 - 07:14 PM

So I've been debating on where my book fits into the whole genre system. I've been specifically between Paranormal Mystery or Horror. But I'm not sure. In bookstores, the paranormal mysteries I've seen tend to be on the comedy side. My story certainly has its funny moments, but it's mostly pretty dark. Plus, even though I don't state it in the query since I can't overload it with different people, there is a witch in it. And there's sightings of her early on in the book. I doubt it can be normal mystery, cause I feel mystery fans will feel cheated if there's paranormal elements. Anyways, please, let me know where you think it fits in based on my query. Big thanks!





When detective Ed Keegan sees the raven at the crime scene, he doesn’t expect the bird to talk to him, much less in the deceased owner’s voice.


Ed has to investigate a crime scene at the local theological university. He always knows how to handle an investigation, pushing emotions on the floor, and studying the hard facts. No one's witnessed the death of Darlene Hargrove, the fourth girl killed from the university. No one but Elijah, Darlene's pet raven who repeats its owner’s last words, words that suggest Darlene knew her killer.


Ed becomes fascinated by Elijah and his involvement in Darlene’s case. With Elijah at the police station, Ed makes sure he doesn’t miss an utterance from the bird. And when Elijah, with his talons, carves the message “Wolves hunger their young” onto the wall, Ed realizes Elijah is no ordinary bird. Rather, a prophet or a harbinger of doom. If Ed backs off the case now, he’ll be spared the danger of the chase, if he doesn’t he may just learn the truth he so desperately desires - and risk his life in so doing. But the path Elijah leads him down is one so sinister that Ed questions everything he’s learned in his career. A rabbit hole so deep, he finds himself on the run from the real killer.





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Posted 19 March 2018 - 07:26 PM

I did a search of paranormal mysteries on Goodreads, and while some of them did appear to be that quirkier style that you're referring to, several of them did appear to be rather dark. So I think you're fine advertising as paranormal mystery. I think your query will do the job of showing that this is on the darker end of the spectrum.

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