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High Crimes and Misdemeanors

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Posted 03 April 2018 - 12:36 PM

TV Reporter, MOLLY HARLOW is sexually assaulted by PRESIDENT DAVID GALLAGHER. But, she knows that women who accuse powerful men of sexual misconduct are quickly discredited. As one lone voice, she risks her reputation and career if she speaks out. Her plan is to find other victims and produce an exposé to stop the President.


Secret Service Agent, ALAN MAGUIRE’S, internal struggle pits his duty to protect the President against his contempt for the man that he finds morally bankrupt. Maguire risks his career by defending the women Gallagher brutalizes.


At a political fundraiser, Molly chases Maguire and an injured young woman to a government limousine. She suspects that the President has abused her. Molly presses Maguire for the identity of the woman, but he refuses to release her name. Later he realizes he was rude to Molly, and as an apology, Maguire invites her out for dinner. They hit it off and plan to go out again.


The President can’t repay massive loans or keep promises he made to mobster CARLOS ISSA, but their crime-ridden connections go far beyond money. Issa threatens to publish incriminating videos of Gallagher’s murderous sexual exploits. Together they develop a kidnap/ransom scheme to force the American government to settle Gallagher’s debt.


When MARISA GALLAGHER, the First Lady, files for divorce, the President beats her in the Oval Office until Maguire steps in. As friends from the campaign trail, Marisa calls Molly to the emergency room so she can break her own story. After the interview airs, Molly’s life is endangered.


Although a hurricane approaches Mexico City, Gallagher visits Mexico to congratulate a former classmate and new President of Mexico. In the first moments of the opening ceremony, Gallagher collapses at the podium. He’s pronounced dead by a Mexican doctor as they board a transport helicopter headed to a Mexican hospital. The doctor orders an autopsy but Maguire objects and directs the helicopter to the American Embassy. At the doctor’s insistence, the pilot refuses to re-route, so the agents force the helicopter to land in a school parking lot. They remove the President’s body and the helicopter lifts off. Several minutes later, the helicopter crashes in the high winds of the approaching hurricane, reportedly killing everyone aboard.


The next morning the agents attempt to move the President’s body to the American Embassy. Enroute, their “borrowed” school bus is hijacked by five Mexican policemen and Issa’s henchman, a top aide to Mexican President Flores.


Still unable to communicate because of damaged phone lines, the agents rush to the cars left behind by the hijackers and are surprised to find an active GPS signal emanating from the departing school bus. The agents presume the signal is from a chip, possibly planted on Gallagher by the Mexican doctor. The agents track the signal from the hijacked bus to Issa’s mansion. During surveillance, Gallagher appears, alive and well, but made up to look tortured. A video crew hired by Issa films a ransom demand to the U.S. Government.


Several successive nights after hearing of the helicopter crash, Molly cries herself to sleep over Maguire’s “death”, so she is thrilled to receive a back door, top-secret request to use her investigative journalism skills to help him. She works with FBI Agent, TOM EVANS, and the two of them travel to Mexico to help the Secret Service agents wrap up their investigation. Maguire is openly jealous of Evans, who makes a blatant play for Molly’s affections.


With the help of the Mexican police, the Secret Service agents arrest Gallagher and Issa. A subsequent search of Issa’s home produces enough hard evidence to convict both criminals.


Maguire and Molly don’t address their mutual attraction while in Mexico, although it’s obvious to Maguire’s colleagues. Upon their return to the U.S., Evans stands close to Molly and her news crew while Maguire stands on the tarmac with one of the Secret Service agents. Molly notices Maguire, breaks from Evans, rushes to Maguire and kisses him.

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