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What Lays Beyond Infinity - WIP

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Posted 07 November 2018 - 04:19 PM

This is the opening to something I'm currently working on. Let me know what you think.




The day my dad hit my mom was the day I became a man.                         


It’s strange; the idiom of separating the men from the boys had held no prevalence to me before that day, but after I knocked my father out, it all became so clear.                                                                             


My father was no man, only a coward.                                                         


It was June and summer break had just started. The heat in Las Vegas had become particularly pressing, and I felt like I was baking as I half-ran, half-walked along the street towards my friend Daniel’s house. 


Men don’t cry, Eli. Men don’t cry, and you showed HIM who the man was, yes sir-ee, so don’t you DARE cry!  


But the tears still came because my left arm was stinging like I had pressed it onto a sizzling burner and I could feel the blister forming from where my father had—                                                              




For sixteen-years-old, I sure felt like a grown man. An old man, actually, withering away in this heat. I was glad that there weren’t many people outside of their homes, watching this teenage kid crying and wondering what the hell he was doing.                             


I was almost there now. Daniel would likely be in his basement, maybe smoking a joint and seeing what delicacies he could find in his stash of old-school porno magazines. Normally, the idea would cause a chuckle to bubble on my lips but then my arm started to sting more and I let out a grunt of pain, fresh tears forming at the corner of my eyes.  

Through trials comes triumph.




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