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Posted 21 April 2019 - 07:42 PM

Hello desiring newbies,


Unfortunately, I have no ability to fix the captcha, but we are frustrated by the lack of new blood, and frankly it saddens me to think of all of you missing out on the great resource that is AQ Connect. So, I'm going to do what I can and offer myself as an intermediary.


Basically, you will email your stuff to me, and I will post it. I will post to any forum or thread on here as you desire, but please keep in mind that it is still up to you to get people to respond. So not only should you send me your queries, but you should also send your critiques of others queries. You can also send me 250-word samples, synopses, questions you have for the writing or publishing process, or any other relevant posts. Basically, if you would have been able to post it yourself if you had an account, you can post it through me.



(Please consider this practice for the process of querying agents. They have specific guidelines, and so do I. If you make it too difficult for me, I won't help you.)


1) Send your relevant materials to the email: lnloftaq@gmail.com. This is NOT my personal email; I made it specifically for this intermediary business, and that is all I will use it for. Anything else will be deleted.


2) Please include everything in the body of the email. If I see an attachment, I will delete the email unread.


3) If you want me to start a new thread on your behalf, please state exactly which forum it should be posted in (i.e. Query Critiques, 250 Words, Query Questions and Conversations, etc.). Then copy and paste what you want me to post into your email.


4) If you are responding to someone else's thread, then provide a link to that thread, and then copy and paste your post into your email.


5) No matter what you are posting, you should not provide your full name. Instead, give me your "username" -- what you would have signed up with if you could. That way I can say the post is on behalf of "____".


6) Keep formatting in mind. In particular, if you are providing feedback on someone else's query, make sure that the edits will come through when I get the email. I'm not going to sit around fixing formatting on your behalf.



When I get your email, I will either create a new post or respond to the required post. If you are giving feedback on someone else's work, I will include a link to your post so they can reciprocate (make my life easier, include the link back to yours in the email as well). If I am starting a new post for you, then I will also respond with an email to you with the link to your post, so that you can check for responses (and then reciprocate).


I don't know how often I'll check the email, so please be patient. If it's been a couple weeks, you can shoot another email to check in, but please don't pester.


Remember, even though you're using an intermediary, the best way to get feedback on your query (and to polish your query-writing skills) is to give critiques of others. Good luck, and welcome unofficially to AQ Connect.

If you appreciated my feedback, I'd appreciate yours: Ouroboros


Please note I'm also posting on behalf of people who can't sign up, so if I provide a link in the main body of the post, make sure to reciprocate on that instead.

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Posted 22 April 2019 - 02:31 PM

If there's a way I can help, too, I will.


I've posted one of these style threads, and as long as I have time, I am willing to help.


I'll create a gmail address in a similar way. Very generous, LNLOFT.

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