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(The) Giver

  Posted by Jemi , 07 April 2012 · 373 views

As a writer, my A to Z challenge is going to be about books, characters, TV shows and movies that have impacted me somehow. Enjoy! Be sure to check out Lee’s blog to find more bloggers taking on this challenge!

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(source - Lois Lowry's site)

Lois Lowry. Genius. I read this book every 2nd year (I usually have some kids 2 years in a row so I can’t read it every year). This is one of those books with an ending that will blow your mind and make you want to scream. And it will keep you thinking and wondering for days. (If you’re crazy enough to visit me every day in April so far, you know this is a trend for me.) It’s usually the first book my students read/hear that has a utopian world - and this is NOT a place they’d love to be. It's a great opening into dystopian stories for them. We have the most amazing discussions about choices and emotions and love and risks when I’m reading this book. Awesome! It’s also a highly challenged book – a lot of people want it pulled off shelves. More great discussions about that!

What are some of your favourite banned books?


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