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My Poor Kids

  Posted by mlebleek in Bleeker Street, 12 October 2015 · 16 views

I recently had one of those moments where I feel bad my kids got a writer for a mom. We were on vacation at Disney World when we saw this picture of Belle and her mom.


My 7yo asked, “What happened to Belle’s mom anyway?” and I answered…

“Well, you know Maurice, Belle’s dad? They call him crazy old Maurice for more than one reason. When Belle was young, Maurice was a mad scientist who constantly put his dangerous and demanding work before his family.

His marriage to Belle’s mother had been an arranged one. She wanted to leave Maurice but felt like she must stay because of Belle. Then, one day, there was a horrible explosion in Maurice’s home lab. Belle’s mom saw the smoke from the road and when she ran to find out if everyone was okay, she came upon Maurice crying in the road.

Belle had been inside. He was sure she was dead. Devastated, her mother ran away and Maurice told the world she had died in the blast. Later that day they found Belle reading in a back pasture, alive and well. Her mother never knew she lived.

The townsfolk were suspicious of Maurice and believed he murdered Belle’s mother. They ran him out of town so he and Belle moved to a small, provincial village where no one knew them. Belle grew up…etc, etc, etc (see movie for details).

But what happened to Belle’s mother after she ran away from Maurice? Belle’s mother posed as a widow, changed her name to Mrs. Potts and found a position as a housekeeper in a castle. After several years, a witch cursed the castle and Belle’s mother fell under the curse as well. One dark, lonely night, Mrs. Potts shared her story with her master who swore to protect her from Maurice.

Then, one day, several years later a traveler came into the castle without invitation. When Belle’s mother saw who he was she asked her master to keep her safe. So he threw the visitor, who just happened to be Maurice, in the dungeon.

But when a beautiful woman who looked a lot like her little girl, Belle, came to rescue her father, Mrs. Potts knew what must happen. The girl must stay, break the spell, become the queen and then she and her daughter would be reunited at last. As Belle’s mother plotted for the eventual marriage between her daughter and her master, she hoped they’d come to know each other better. When the spell was finally broken and the effects reversed, Belle’s mother revealed herself to both Belle and Maurice.

But she had one last secret. When she left her husband’s house she’d been pregnant. Chip was Maurice’ son and Belle’s little brother. Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Maurice all lived at the castle with Belle and her prince and they all lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER…

What I should’ve said:

Belle’s mom died.



Looking Back: What If You Never Get Published?

  Posted by Amy Trueblood in Amy Trueblood's Blog, 12 October 2015 · 26 views

  A little over a year ago I published this post, and as I read it today it still resonates with me. When I first shared this piece I received tons of feedback regarding self-publishing being an option. While this is true, I think many people still want to consider the traditional route, but as self-publishing continues to […]



#PitchWars Critique: THE BACKSLIDERS

  Posted by bigblackcat97 in Writer, Writer Pants on Fire, 12 October 2015 · 23 views

My PitchWars mentor-partner Kate Karyus Quinn and I agree that we didn't read a single query that was bad - nor did we read any first pages that were unsalvageable. And honestly with as many submissions as we had, we were surprised at the quality of them. Which is why we decided to offer query and first page critiques on our blogs to everyone who submitted to us.

Quite a few people have taken us up on the offer. Through November, Kate and I will be posting these critiques on Mondays and Wednesdays. Any writer can learn from these - not just the author of the material being critiqued. You'll see my comments in green.

2019: Great Britain closed its borders, but not before expelling all foreign influence. Maybe a little background on why. Overpopulation? Threats?
2022: 17-year-old Thea Mimieux wants one thing: to escape. Escape to where?

As the daughter of foreign born parents exiled from Britain’s shores, Thea is a precariat, the lowest class in New Britain. Kind of confusing - the foreigners were expelled, but Thea is still there? Thea manages her wanderlust and hatred for the world she’s stuck in by gorging on the foreign culture New Britain banned. With her twin brother, Jack, they form the Backsliders, whose clandestine existence could be about to come to an abrupt end awkward phrasing when they encounter an Elite girl.

An Elite girl named Alice.

Alice Deering has a seemingly ideal existence but hasn’t felt alive for a single moment of it. Steered by The British Revival party’s strict morality laws, Alice is has yet to make a single decision on her own. She hopes that entering the world of courtship will be everything her mother promises and more. But Alice is repelled by the Elite boy society deems suitable and drawn to a precariat boy, Jack, who could cost her everything.

Told in a dual point of view, THE BACKSLIDERS is a 98,000 word YA dystopian novel. It is stand-alone with series potential and may appeal to readers of ‘AN EMBER IN THE ASHES’ you don't need quotes around these titles by Sabaa Tahir or Louise O’Neill’s ‘ONLY EVER YOURS.’

First Page:


New Britain’s borders might be locked, but rumours have a way of creeping in through the cracks. I’ve heard that most of Venice is under water and the last tiger has taken its final breath. Last year there was a rumour world war caps? III was raging in the east. I’ll never find out if these stories are true.

The latest rumour is the royal family are in France, why would the royal family be expelled from New Britain? preparing to storm the borders and reclaim their British throne, but I don’t hold out hope. If I want out of here I’ll have to find a way out of the rotting corpse of Britain myself - if the idiot I’m following doesn’t bring a sledgehammer to our little lives first, that is.

I scowl at his long, gangly legs in the hope they’ll stop moving so bloody fast. My court shoes nip at my heels and the thought of taking another step makes my temper flicker to life.

What is that boy thinking?

He hurries down a street lined with abandoned terraced houses, his white shirt a ghostly beacon for me to follow. The artificial flame of the street light flickers in the glass box above me and the thought of it disappearing leaves me cold. I can practically feel the MilPol curfew breathing down my neck. If we get caught breaking curfew it’ll be a one-way ticket to the penal colony for both of us. As soon as the white shirt has vanished from sight I hurtle after him, keeping my knees soft to stop my heels slapping against the cracked tarmac.

I haven’t made it halfway to the corner when I hear a faint buzz. A second later all traces of light disappear and I’m swallowed up by darkness. My heart starts to pound like a tribal drum, fast and erratic. I knew curfew was coming, but the hairs on my arms still stand to attention.

Overall this is definitely interesting. We need to know more about motivation in order to make world building believable in the query. Why would Britain make this dramatic move? Are the characters inside Britain? You say all foreign influence is expelled but there it sounds like there is a class of foreigners that our brother and sister characters belong to that are still inside. 

Also right now there isn't enough plot in the query to fill an entire novel. We've got a girl that wants to leave where she is and a girl in love with the wrong boy... but that's it. What's the struggle? Is there a revolution? Do they have a plan to get out? The bones are there, but definitely not fleshed out enough to show that there's enough conflict to build an entire novel on.

Echoes highlighted above.



Indigenous Peoples' Day - Sign This Petition

  Posted by SC_Author in SC Write--Writing, Publishing, and Harry Potter, 12 October 2015 · 21 views

It is October 12th, federally celebrated as "Columbus Day." But on this blog, in this sphere, it is going to be celebrated as "Indigenous Peoples' Day." Nine cities have already made the name change, and it's time to make it federal

This post will be long, but important. So buckle down, and get reading!

(The apostrophe placement in "Peoples'" is important to note. There is no one indigenous "people" because there are hundreds, if not thousands of individual tribes. It is more accurate to say "peoples" when describing them. Putting them into one group erases their distinct cultures and enacts violence through stereotyping and marginalization.)

Reconsider Columbus Day

*Trigger warning: facts of Native and indigenous peoples' genocide and the brutalities committed against them in the past, by Christopher Columbus specifically, and in the present*

I'm not going to spend much time in this section because this day is a celebration of Native and indigenous people. This day is also a celebration of their past and ongoing resistances. So: one must know why they resist.

Columbus should not be celebrated, and no day should be his namesake. He was, by all accounts (except of those who promote colonial and race-based oppression), a horrific man.

As Native American Netroots asserts in "Christopher Columbus & His Crimes Against Humanity" (please click and read the entire article):
"Greed for gold, capitalistic greed through the potential of wealth through the slave trade, and the religious beliefs of Apocalyptic Christianity were three primary motivations Columbus had for setting sail...."
Christopher Columbus kidnapped Taino people, taking their kindness for weakness. He raped and murdered Native peoples and asked the governor of Hispaniola to cut off the noses and ears of Native peoples resisting slavery.

His journal reveals the satanity of his character, with lines such as: "They would make fine servants.... With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.” And: “As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts."

Christopher Columbus, through his attempts at enslaving Native peoples, set up the preemptive framework for the African slave trade. Natives were used to gather gold and if they couldn't find enough, their hands would be cut off or they would be killed.

It is estimated that 100 million (yes, one hundred) Native and indigenous peoples in South, Central, and North America died at the hands of European invaders and diseases.

In modern times:

Brutalities against indigenous peoples have not ended. The stealing and desecrating of Native and indigenous land continues to this day.

These are the facts. I can go on, but I won't. Educate yourselves and understand the brutality that this man enacted upon millions and millions of peoples, being the catalyst for the largest genocide in all of human history, and being the catalyst for ongoing oppression.

*end trigger warning*

I want to take this next section to talk about Popé and how amazing he was, his iconic rope, and his legendary story. I get excited just hearing about him.

From Matthew Martinez and Ohkay Owingeh:
Popé is revered as the leader of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. Pueblo scholars refer to him as the one who carried out the first successful American revolution against a foreign colonial power, Spain. Popé (Ripe Pumpkin) was from Ohkay Owingeh (known today as San Juan Pueblo) and, as best can be determined, was born around 1630. Little is known about the upbringing of Popé. Though, there is no reason to believe he did not grow up like any other Pueblo Indian boy of his time who strictly followed the customs of his community. Religion was inextricably woven into the pattern of pueblo life. Young Pueblo boys were taught the ways of being and becoming a young man both in a secular sense and through a religious understanding. 
Popé’s presence was first recorded in 1675 when he and 47 other Pueblo men were prosecuted and indicted in Santa Fe for the alleged practice of sorcery. As a result of the trial, four men were sentenced to hanging. The remaining men were rounded up and publicly condemned to lashings and imprisonment. The Pueblo villages sent a delegation to Santa Fe to protest this treatment and threaten war. Fearful for his life, Governor Juan Francisco de Treviño released the prisoners and allowed them to return home. Upon being released, the Pueblo captives were told to give up their idolatry and iniquitous ways. This was a time of intense hardship for Pueblo people under the Spanish regime. Popé grew up seeing his people forced into the Spanish repartimiento system. Under this system Pueblo people served as slave labor and were required to provide food and supplies to the Spaniards. 
Pueblo scholar Joe Sando writes that the Spaniards constantly harassed religious leaders and that a Tewa kiva was filled with sand so the people could not hold their nightly dances. In Pueblo thought and culture, when religion is suppressed, the natural order of life is disrupted. Suppression of religion, according to Pueblo worldview, means a threat to the livelihood of the people 
It was against this background that Popé and other Tewa war captains began discussing what might be done to rid the country side of the invaders. Several Pueblo leaders gathered in Taos Pueblo to plan the Revolt. Popé emerged as a key organizer. It is suggested that he was an important individual because he had access to the inner religious circles of Taos Pueblo. It took a unique individual to orchestrate the Revolt across two dozen communities who spoke six different languages and were sprawled over a distance of nearly 400 miles - from Taos at one end to Hopi villages at the other. Pueblo people were prohibited from using horses. Moreover, during Spanish rule they were not allowed to use guns of any kind. 
Pueblo people come from a running culture. It is no surprise that Popé and his followers agreed that runners would be sent to each of the pueblos. The runners carried a deerskin strip tied with knots. Each knot represented the number of days remaining before the campaign against the Spanish would begin. Each morning at every pueblo a knot would be untied. When all the knots were untied, the uprising was to begin in all of the pueblos. This plan almost failed because several sympathizers notified the Spanish of the plan. Thus, the revolt began two days early and, on August 10, 1680, the Spanish were caught
by surprise. They retreated to Santa Fe and were eventually overpowered by a large number of Pueblo warriors.

On May 21, 2005, after a long struggle, the unveiling of the Popé statue for the National Statutory Hall took place at Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo). This unveiling was in remembrance of the event that took place in 1680. Popé was the earliest individual to be honored in the collection of the U.S. Capitol. Cliff Fragua (Jemez Pueblo) was the first American Indian artist to sculpt a statue for the Statutory Hall. Popé joins the figure of the late Senator Dennis Chavez as New Mexico’s two contributions to the U.S. Capitol. The addition of Popé to the National Statutory Hall completes the group of 50 individuals chosen to represent the United States.

In the seven and a half foot marble rendition, Popé holds a knotted cord in his left hand, which was used to determine when the Pueblo revolt would begin. He holds a bear fetish in his right hand which symbolizes the center of the Pueblo world and religion. There is a pot behind Popé, which signifies Pueblo culture. The deerskin he is wearing is a symbol of his status. The shell necklace that he is wearing is a reminder of where life begins. Popé wears Pueblo moccasins and his hair is bound in a traditional Pueblo style. On his back are the scars that remain from the whipping he received for his participation and faith in Pueblo ceremonies and religion. Herman Agoyo, San Juan Pueblo, succinctly states the following about the importance of Popé:

“To the Pueblo people here, Popé is our hero. Tribes were on the verge of losing their cultural identity when the Pueblo Revolt brought everything back on track for our people.”
This is just one story. One person, from one tribe, amongst the hundreds and thousands of tribes and millions of Native and indigenous peoples. Queer Natives, women Natives, so many other Natives who haven't been in the spotlight (did you know some Native and indigenous peoples had a Two-Spirit term to identify non-binary peoples in their community? By non-binary, I mean people with genders that can't be described as either male or female). Please take this time and this day, especially, to learn about indigenous history, indigenous peoples, and their stories. Revolt against Columbus in your own minds.

If you are non-Native/indigenous and live on Native/indigenous land, consider what that means, and critically consider what part you (we) have to play in this oppression. How have we benefited? We play a role. Use this knowledge as an incentive for action.

Their stories, their existence, their fight, and their celebration exists to this day, from their protests of Pope Francis's canonization of a genocidal Catholic priest, to their fight for the sovereignty of their lands.

I haven't written about the individual cultures outside of resistance. It is not my place to "share" these cultures, given that I am not Native/indigenous, and given the violence of cultural appropriation that occurs to this day. Those "sexy Pocahontas" costumes you see perpetuate violence against Native peoples. According to Amnesty International:
Native American and Alaska Native women are more than 2.5 times more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than other women in the USA. Some Indigenous women interviewed by Amnesty International said they didn't know anyone in their community who had not experienced sexual violence. Though rape is always an act of violence, there is evidence that Indigenous women are more likely than other women to suffer additional violence at the hands of their attackers. According to the US Department of Justice, in at least 86 per cent of the reported cases of rape or sexual assault against American Indian and Alaska Native women, survivors report that the perpetrators are non-Native men. (emphasis, mine)
Yea. So if you see your child, your friend, of you wanting to dress up as a Native for Halloween, STOP YOURSELF, STOP THEM. Enact allyship: stop them, and make complaints to any store you see that sell these costumes. The costumes promote the rape of Native women (and Native men aren't doing most of the raping...the fetishization of Native culture and women lead to race-based violence).

That's why I don't want to talk about individual Native and indigenous cultures. These cultures are not mine to share, and sharing them might perpetuate cultural appropriation and violence.

Well, I can't say Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day - yet. Hopefully that day is coming soon. Sign on to this We the People petitionlet's get this name changed. Doing so will lead to educational initiatives in our schools, and in mass media, about Native and indigenous peoples, their histories, and their ongoing movements.

What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments below. And please, sign, share, and spread the petition! If we get 100,000 signatures, we are guaranteed a response from the federal government. 



10 Ways Being an Author With a New Book is Like Being in Love

  Posted by LucidDreamer in LucidDreamer's Blog, 11 October 2015 · 36 views

You want to talk about your love new book ALL the time. If anyone mentions anything that sounds even vaguely like the name of your love new book, your ears perk up. You’re desperate for everyone else to see all the great qualities in your love new book, just like you do. You’re convinced they … Continue reading 10 Ways Being an Author With a New Book is Like Being in Love



My Book Trailer

  Posted by Joe Stephens in My Train of Thought, 10 October 2015 · 34 views

I teach and write--those are my jobs. But I like playing with technology too. Specifically, I enjoy using technology to tell stories. So I set out to make a trailer for my first two books. I feel like it turned out decently well, so I tried again with In The Shadow. So rather than write a bunch of words in my blog today, I decided to share my trailer. Let me know what you think.

I'm the author of The Shalan Adventures, of which In The Shadow is the third. If you want to learn more about them or me, you can go to my website. Or, if you're interested in purchasing my books for your Kindle, go to my Amazon page. If you're interested in ordering paperbacks, please consider using the links below:
Order Here
Order Here
Order Here



The Final Chapter for From the Write Angle

  Posted by Jemi in Just Jemi, 05 October 2015 · 72 views

If you haven't heard yet, my friends and I over at From the Write Angle are lowering the curtain over at our blog. It was a tough decision, but it's time. We've all gotten busy, busy, busy, and we're not able to commit to the time needed to keep the blog strong. If you haven't read the final post, it's a good one, and in the comments many of our contributors are doing updates about then/now.

From the Write Angle started in 2011. In some ways, it seems eons ago, in others, only a heartbeat or two.

It's natural to look back and to look ahead during a time like this. I haven't sent out a single query or published a single book in that time. I know to some that would seem inconceivable, but it's true. So, what have I been doing? Working on my craft. I'm a hands-on learner, so I've been writing and trying and learning. And improving.

While I may not have my stories out in the real world yet, I'm SO much closer to having a product I'll be proud to share.

My buddies over at From the Write Angle are a large part of that. So many talented writers who are so willing to share and help out others! I've already bought and read at least a dozen books by my fellow FTWAers and I'm looking forward to many more.

It's been a very good ride at FTWA, and I'll miss the regular contact with my colleagues and my new blogger buddies, but I know we'll all keep in touch.

Have you been part of a group blog? It's such a great way to grow and learn and share! 



Interview with Audiobook Narrator Cris Dukehart

  Posted by Jean Oram in The Love Bug Blog, 04 October 2015 · 40 views

Who is the voice behind the audiobook version of Champagne and Lemon Drops? Cris Dukehart!

She graciously allowed me to interview her and here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop on narrating an audiobook as well as what it was like immersing herself in Blueberry Springs as she recorded Champagne and Lemon Drops.

Cris Dukehart

Who was your favourite Blueberry Springs character?

EEEP! That’s so HARD! What is that saying? That picking a favorite character is like picking a favorite child?

CrisDukehartHeadshotNOW… if you had asked my favorite character to VOICE… that one’s a little easier. Ever since I was cast, in 4th grade, as one of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters and after a brief but VERY dramatic period of grieving and lamentation at NOT being cast as the sweetly chirping, lovely (BLONDE!) heroine, realized how much more FUN it was to PLAY BAD… to rip a dress to shreds without consequence (EVEN TO CHEERS)… to walk with an exaggerated hip sway and nasty sneer (knowing that after the show Cinderella was coming over to spend the night)… to give mean looks and be applauded for them rather than promptly deposited in time out… I have, more oft than not, positively celebrated the antagonist.

It follows then, that my favorite characters to voice (so far) in Blueberry Springs are Mandy, our gal Beth’s perceived nemesis and Oz’s mother, Angelica.


Do voices just ‘come to you’ when you are preparing to narrate or is there research you find you need to do?

Oz_ChampagneandLemondrops2Both, sort of. Part of my process as a narrator is to “pre-read” the story. I’m not really reading for content in those first moments, but rather for clues to voice and character… I’m sort of researching within the story itself. I gather and horde, like some hobbitty thing, any and all textual hints from the author, scribbling each character in a note pad as well as their history, appearance, habits and traits. And then, when I have a chance, I pick the author’s noggin. 😉

If a character has a lisp or chews gum… is bold or hesitant… has a back story that will sound in their voice or is, in Mary Alice’s case, the wonderful sage-like busybody everyone adores… these things are as integral to me in developing a character’s voice as the actual textual clues of timbre and tone and depth.

Accents, particularly those of places I have yet to travel to, often find me youtubing, or calling hotels and libraries in the area (if it isn’t a fictional location) and even, in some cases, enlisting the assistance of one of a few websites designed for dialects of the English language, or a dialect coach.


Briefly, what is the process of recording an audiobook? I know you do a read through of the book before you start. What sort of notes do you make for yourself to help along the process of recording the book?

Oz_ChampagneandLemondrops3Yes, there’s the pre-read where I make notes on characters and voices as well as any words or concepts I am unfamiliar with…

Then I set up my gear (audiobooks require different recording settings than say… commercial audio… due to the varied tones, and volumes and voices required in an audiobook…)

I go put the tea kettle on for my “Throat Coat” tea (I sip it through the read to help with voice fatigue), grab a Granny Smith apple from the fridge (a small nibble helps with mouth smackiness and icky noisy sounds that my lips, teeth, and gums make… noises I was, prior to spending long hours talking into an extremely sensitive microphone, blissfully unaware I made but that I am now HYPER sensitive to… BLE-ARG) … put on my “quiet clothes” if I am not already wearing them (it is ASTOUNDING how LOUD some shirts are and jewelry… FORGET IT!) and hole up in my little padded room to talk to myself for a few hours. (*giggle*snort*)


How long does it take to create a 9 hour audiobook?

ChampagneLemondrops518KIt typically takes me a ratio of 2:1 to record… give or take a bit… so for every 1 hour of audio, equates to 2 hours in the booth, accounting for stumbles and voice cracks, stomach grumblings, small children howling “MOOOOOM, I NEED…”(well… you name it… when I get in my booth, they need it), and any other myriad noises that interrupt recording.

After I record, there is a whole process of audio magic that happens, where the audio is reviewed, edited, mistakes are caught, I re-record the mistakes and then there is “mastering” and quality control… all of it, I would estimate, adds up to somewhere between 5-7 hours/1hour of finished audio.

So… if my math is correct (and it should be because I am using a calculator (giggle*snort*), that’s about 63 hours for a nine hour audiobook.


Do you keep a file of the ‘samples’ of the different book voices? How do you remember what everyone sounds like?

I do keep voice files, though I didn’t (even though it was recommended by any number of experienced narrators) always. One time of having to go back and listen to 18 HOURS of a story, with notepad in hand, in order to “remember” characters in a first book… for a sequel, cured me of THAT SILLINESS!

Oz_ChampagneandLemondrops4Now, for each book, I make short recordings of each character saying their name as well as speaking a few lines so if and when a sequel happens, I can refer to the files rather than listening to 18 hours before recording.

As for remembering voices while recording… generally when I’m recording, the story plays out in my head as it might on a screen (I just happen to be all of the characters)… snort… THAT sounds like ALL SORTS of work related psychosis, doesn’t it? (laughing)… Like my friends down the street, my sisters, or my children, the characters in the book I’m narrating typically talk all day in my head… like they do for an author I think. They, and the author, provide a running dialog that is sometimes so real to me that upon exiting the “dead quiet” isolation of my booth I am astounded to find that I am still in my little post-it note cottage in rural Pennsylvania and not in coastal France, or Canada, Texas, some as yet undiscovered planet or world or ANYWHERE, USA.


Did you have a man you were rooting for—Oz or Nash—in the story?

Oz_ChampagneandLemondrops1Which chapter? Or even… which page?

(ACK! I am SUCH a fickle fanny!)

For much of the book, I was Team OZ…

I am all about redemption… OH and HANDS!!!

You can tell a world… an absolute WORLD… about a fellow from his hands… and I loved the references to Oz’s.

But… Well… that Paris vacation with Nash… what gal DOESN’T like a little “je ne sais quoi”?

A little “sweep me away” romance?

Plus and also too, I really believe that when a door appears to close, it is only to allow another, more suitable, more DESIRABLE one to open. I really LIKED Nash but… well… he was never really SUITED for our gal Beth… not really.

That door, for him is closed… but… well… there is someone for him though… I feel certain. 😉 (and SQUEEEE if I get to narrate their STORY!!!!)


What did you like most about Beth?

Oz_ChampagneandLemondrops5Beth was REAL.

If she was conflicted, she didn’t pretend otherwise… she invited us into her conflict and perhaps even LARGER… into her resolution process… and she made no excuses for either. It was refreshing and, I felt, inspiring.

In addition, Beth and I share a love of the happily ever after… the fairytale. And I absolutely appreciated that when Beth’s fairytale turned on its end… after consideration and a little fumbling about, she rewrote it to suit.


Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog… and to Blueberry Springs.

Take a listen to Cris Dukehart narrating Champagne and Lemon Drops!

Listen to the entire book:

Amazon US
Amazon UK


Psst! Not an Audible member? You can get the first book free when you sign up for a free trial membership.

Not your speed but still want big savings? Snag the ebook on Amazon, THEN upgrade to audio for only a few dollars more! The two are Whispersynced–read and listen and your devices will remembered where you left off!


Loved it? Leave a review! Both Cris and I love getting online reviews on our work–it really helps us out. Thank you!

The post Interview with Audiobook Narrator Cris Dukehart appeared first on Jean Oram.



Books I Read: September 2015

  Posted by Mia K Rose in Mia K Rose | Forsaken Illusion, 02 October 2015 · 18 views

In total, I managed to read eleven (11) books in the month of September this year. I’m only including the ones I finished reading during that month, and not ones I may have started. One paperback, two hardbacks, and the remaining were on Kindle. Seven YA, 2 MG and 2 Adult (though I’m sure some […]




Posted by Quiana Kyles in The Silent Whispers Movement, 02 October 2015 · 167 views

Hello, all 2,241 viewers! I, just stepped out of the creative lab just to give you guys a heads up as to what's been going on in my world of creative expression!

I'm, just so excited with this news! I, currently have a crowdfunding crusade running to generate money for the production of the film "His Voice, His Movement".....Ok, we'll without taking you way back to the stone age I'll just give you the mini version of how this all got started...Logically, everybody knows that the Jackson dynasty started in the Mid-west! Yet, there has never been a tribute to the legacy of MJ and how he influence those within the windy-city. Through, this creative film I will honor that legacy. The, following will be some information on your contribution and how your efforts would be valued..

DARE II DREAM levels consists of 6 and at each level your contribution varies and so does the perks you get! From A mere heartfelt thank you in cyberspace to a t-shirt and keepsake with film logos on it rest assure your input is warranted....
Here, is the link to get more background info on the film and dream cast!http:/Attached Image /igg.me/at/HIS-VOICE-HIS-MOVE-CHI16

Anyone, who has ever dreamed bigger then your current surroundings listen up! Your, dreams matter and you've got what it takes to ignore those people who don't support your purpose for your life.....Stay, the course and the dream will soon become a reality!

See, you at the box office!


The Final Chapter

  Posted by From The Write Angle in From The Write Angle Blog, 29 September 2015 · 47 views

by all of us

It is not with sadness, but melancholy, that we at From The Write Angle announce we are disbanding, inter-marrying and moving into condominiums.

Wait, that was Doonesbury.

We have only been the imaginings of an autistic boy looking into a snow globe. … No, that was St.Elsewhere.

The war is over – nope, M*A*S*H.

We can’t continue because we’ve been jailed for criminal indifference.  We haven’t, that was the characters of Seinfeld, but maybe we should all do a little time for that offense.

What we’re trying to say is, we are moving on.

From The Write Angle began in 2011 on the premise that we are often best helped, not by those who have reached the top of the climb, but by our peers just a rung or two ahead of us. As a collection of writers at different levels on the ladder, we offered our thoughts from our point of view, our angle.

But our angles have changed. Each of us has kept to our own climb, which now takes us away from this blog.

For our readers who have journeyed with us, thank you. We hope we have helped. For those who have just found us, we leave behind these articles not as sage advice, but just clues, hints, of how we got where you are now, with the hope that they will guide you toward a better tomorrow.

And we wish that your success will one day inspire others.

In the comments of this post each of the contributors to From The Write Angle, past and present, will write a little something about where they were when they joined us, and where they are now. After that, the automatic lights will go out. This blog will be dark.

But as soon as someone walks through the door, the lights will click on.

If you are a budding writer who has stumbled on this anew, please keep posting comments. We’ll be listening. 



October Events

  Posted by Deb Borys in Debra R. Borys, 23 September 2015 · 45 views

I can’t believe October is almost here, but I’m loving this fall weather. If I can just pretend winter snows and cold aren’t right behind autumn, I can be a happy camper. I’m also happy about a couple of events … Continue reading



Extraction and Rebellion E-Books On Sale for $2.99 - Spread the Word to Win Prizes!

  Posted by Stephanie Diaz in Stephanie Diaz, 21 September 2015 · 67 views

Hey guys!! I'm resurrecting this blog to make a very special announcement...

As you may have already heard, Evolution, the third and final book in the Extraction series, went on sale on September 8th! The series is officially complete! You can buy your copy of Evolution on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Book Depository, or at your local indie!

To celebrate Evolution's release, my publisher has put the first two books in the series -- Extraction and Rebellion -- on sale for only $2.99 each for all e-book formats! This sale will only last for a limited time, so snatch up your copy now! ***And read on to find out how to win prizes by spreading the word!***

Buy Extraction for only $2.99:

Buy Rebellion for only $2.99:

Because I am super grateful for you guys for all you've done for me, I've decided to launch a special giveaway to coincide with the e-book sale. Help me spread the word about the sale on social media and you will be entered to win:

- (1) signed hardcover copy of Evolution,
annotated with behind-the-scenes facts and series secrets (limited edition!)
- (1) limited edition LEGO Clementine model
- (1) limited edition LEGO Logan model
- signed swag

This contest is open internationally. How do you enter to win? There are several ways (Which means you can earn more than one entry! But no more than 1 entry per option):

On Instagram:
Post the Extraction series e-book sale picture (see above), link to my Instagram account @StephanieEDiaz, and tag it #BookBargain.

Alternately, you can re-gram my Instagram post from here.

On Tumblr:
Reblog my tumblr post from here.

On Twitter:
Tweet the following message: DEAL ALERT! Grab e-books of 's EXTRACTION and REBELLION for only $2.99 each for a limited time! 

Alternately, you can retweet my twitter post from here.

On Facebook:
Post the Extraction series e-book sale picture on this page, link to either this website or one of the books, and tag it #BookBargain.

Alternately, you can share my facebook post from here.

The book sale will last for one month, but I will be selecting one winner for the giveaway on Monday, October 5th to receive the grand prize. Again, this contest is open to everyone, whether you live in the U.S. or otherwise. Thank you so much for helping me spread the word!



THE MIRRORMASTERS Has Found a Publishing Home!

  Posted by Lora Palmer in Lora Palmer's Blog, 18 September 2015 · 71 views

I'm so excited to announce that I have signed the contract with Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press) for my debut novel, THE MIRRORMASTERS! Clean Reads publishes books free of profanity, graphic violence, or explicit intimacy--a mission I'm proud to become part of. More details will be forthcoming, but the release will be ebook first. 

It's been quite a journey to reach this point! Over the past few years on and off, I queried MIRRORMASTERS. A couple years back, I submitted to Astraea Press following a full request from a Savvy Authors pitch opportunity. It didn't work out at that time, but I kept querying, revising, getting feedback from beta readers, more revising, and more querying. And then, following #pit2pub in July, two of my pitches were favorited by Stephanie Taylor, owner and Editor-In-Chief of Clean Reads, and my full manuscript was requested. After doing a little dance of joy, I submitted again, noting that I'd made substantial revisions since my previous submission, and a few weeks later, I woke up to a lovely email that included a contract!

Thank you to everyone at Novelty Fiction, AQC, QueryTracker, WriteOnCon, and everyone who has generously offered their time and feedback, and knowledge of the publishing industry!  You've all been so wonderful, supportive, and a tremendous help! 



Cover Reveal for DARKEST DAWN

  Posted by Michelle4Laughs in Michelle4Laughs: It's in the Details, 11 September 2015 · 37 views

I am super excited to share the amazing cover for DARKEST DAWN, the first book in a new series by Author Katlyn Duncan. DARKEST DAWN releases next week on September 17th and is available to pre-order now!

In addition to the reveal of this gorgeous cover, the reveal includes an eBook giveaway for one of the author’s previously released titles. Be sure to head down to the Rafflecopter for a chance to win after you’ve checked out the cover!

The Cover Revealed!

Author: Katlyn Duncan
Release date: September 17, 2015
Publisher: Carina
Format: eBook


One desperate journey for the truth

Returning to Willows Lake eleven years after her mother’s tragic death, Sloane Baker knows she will finally get the answers she needs! She always suspected that there was something more sinister at the heart of the accident that claimed her mother’s life, but a cryptic note could be the key to her past…

Two lives changed forever

The small town has always seemed safe to Brianna Taylor – until a mysterious new girl arrives who looks exactly like Bri! Now everything Bri knew has been thrown into question and Sloane’s arrival has changed the world of Willows Lake forever.

Strange things are happening in Willows Lake. But when they turn deadly, Bri and Sloane must find a way to save each other or risk losing everything they hold dear…

Pre-order it:



About Katlyn Duncan


Katlyn Duncan was born and raised in a small town in western Massachusetts. Her overactive imagination involved invisible friends, wanting to be a Disney Princess and making up her own stories. Her bibliophile mom always encouraged her love of reading and that stayed with her since. Even though she works full time in the medical field Katlyn has always made time for books, whether she is reading or writing them.

Katlyn now lives in southern Connecticut with her husband and adorable Wheaten Terrier and she is thrilled to finally share her stories with the world.

Find her:


The Giveaway

There is a blast-wide giveaway for...

  • ONE (1) eBook copy of any one of the author’s backlist titles in Mobi or PDF format.

**Giveaway ends on September 17th at 8:00 AM Eastern. There will be ONE winner**

Enter in the Rafflecopter below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway



New...Well, everything.

Posted by DebsBlueRoses in Ramblings and Hand Cramps, 10 September 2015 · 70 views

Well, it's been 3 years and 2 months since I've posted in this blog! That's because, obviously, I had a blog which I linked, and I still do. BUT, it's under a new name and link, which I've connected here.

Also, if you are still following this blog (bless you) and haven't clicked over to what is now The Write Mage at Blogger, I was published at the beginning of this year by Cactus Heart Press! It was a great way to start my year, and I hope it's only the beginning. :smile:

I also have a new pen name, which, as it's the one I was born with, I plan on keeping, and that is Debra Renée. I no longer felt McKellan fit me, though I still love the series from which I borrowed it. My new non-pen also is who I am, and while I will always feel like Deborah is the name of an 80-year-old woman, I am happily embracing it. :wub:

Oh! And right now, I'm doing Pitmad, and I have two favorites on my MS I've been working on since before I joined AQC, and I must thank the people here, because I knew nothing of the ins and outs after you write "The End" for the first time until I came here.


Southern Cargo Packers and Movers in Airoli

Posted by southernmovers in southernmovers' Blog, 14 August 2015 · 173 views
Packers and Movers in Airoli and 1 more...

Packers and Movers in Airoli Navi Mumbai
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For more info visit us at Southern Cargo Packers and Movers

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mulberry messenger bags may be together

Posted by gamomu sewas in Luxury Trends, 07 August 2015 · 88 views

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Didn Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were rumored to have secretly confirmed they were a couple mulberry briefcases sale to Oprah but it looks like this may have just been another rumor.
On Wednesday, Pattinson and Stewart representatives were suppose to have confirmed and validified the duo as being in a relationship to http://www.mulberrybagsale.com/ Oprah or soE! Online reported.
However, the problem is that now other sources show that Gossip Cop has mulberry tote sale done it own research on the issue and found that nope, there were no mysterious off camera reps confirming anything to anyone.
Gossip Cop cited the contradiction between a statement Kristen Stewart made earlier this week to mulberry clutch Elle magazine where she said, would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them, Mulberry Bags Outletand the supposed confirmation that she was with Robert Pattinson.
Futhermore, Gossip Cop stated: mulberry messenger bags may be together, but one thingGossip Cop Mulberry Bag Saleknows for a fact " after spending a good part of the day working on this " is that NO reps ever confirmed it to Oprah.
That scenario never happened, and when asked mulberry satchel outlet whether Oprah got the scoop offcamera because she simply had to know, a rep for the talk Mulberry Bagshow queen tells Gossip Cop its not true. They really don need to explain anything to any of us but I still like to know.


Mom's Favorite Bread and Rolls Recipe

Posted by BakingMom1234 in BakingMom1234's Blog, 28 July 2015 · 71 views
Bread, Rolls, Moms, Hot Bread and 3 more...

Mom's Favorite Bread and Rolls Recipe My mother made this recipe for many years for our family when we had a holiday or special meal. This is my favorite recipe for rolls or bread.

5-6 cups White Lily or King Arthur Flour
2 pkg Yeast
½ cup Sugar
1 ½ tsp Salt
1 stick Margarine, melted
1 ½ cups hot tap water (110 degrees F)
2 Eggs
Cooking Oil
Combine 2 cups of flour, yeast, sugar and salt in large mixing bowl. Stir well and add butter. Add hot tap water and beat with paddle attachment approximately 2 minutes. Add eggs and 1 more cup of flour. Beat on high speed until thick and elastic (about 1 minute). Change over to bread hook and add enough remaining flour to make dough that leaves the side of the bowl.
Turn out onto a floured surface and knead 5-10 minutes until dough is smooth and elastic. Cover with plastic wrap and towel. Let rest for 20 minutes.
Punch down and shape into 2 ½ dozen rolls or bread loaf dipping in oil before placing into pan. Cover with plastic wrap and towel. At this point, you can refrigerate for 2-24 hours. If you are baking without refrigeration, let rise until double. After refrigeration, let rise until double.
Bake at 350 degrees F until done. Bread will sound hollow when done.


I'm a Southern Gal Living in the Deep South Mississippi

Posted by BakingMom1234 in BakingMom1234's Blog, 28 July 2015 · 169 views
Deep South, Live Oaks, Palm Trees and 4 more...

I Love Living in the South – I’m a Southern Gal

Why do I love living in the Deep South? In one word “atmosphere” is why I love living in the South. The atmosphere is unique and charming. The large Live Oak Trees are so beautiful with their sprawled out branches and welcome shade. Long flowing palm trees lined up and down the white sand beaches.
Flowers are blooming year round bringing color and beauty when winter dumps snow and ice in the north. Everyone waves at you even though they don’t know who you are. Good manners are how we do it with a smile. People are genuine in the deep south and do what they say they will do.
Sweet Tea – – Speaking of sweet tea, this quintessentially Southern drink is made by brewing tea, adding lots of sugar, and serving it over ice, lots of ice. I like my tea with lemon.
Southern women are strong and high spirited. Southern women really are magnificent creatures, and I am certainly proud to be one. Southern Women are brought up with a very strict code of conduct and natural manners. We are polite, respectful, intelligent, loving, kind, generous and delicate.
“Y’all” is soft and inclusive and oh-so-lovely when uttered in a slow Southern drawl. It’s a linguistic gem that Southerners sprinkle into pretty much every conversation. Darling is a word that is long and drawn out and so nice to hear.
What I love most about the Deep South is cooking the Deep South way. I have collections of my mother and grandmothers favorite and famous recipes. We just know how to cook. We are experts at frying chicken golden crispy and dripping with Crisco or Lard. Rich pies with fresh blackberries or sweet strawberries from the vine in a delicious Crisco pie crust topped with fresh dairy whipped cream and Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream. Jams, Jellies and marmalade canned to perfection ready to spread on made from scratch fluffy hot from the oven buttermilk biscuits. Fluffy dumplings with chicken and a side of garden green beans cooked with ham hock. We are experts cooking up a meal of kale greens with fried pork chops and homemade apple sauce with a side of hot from the oven corn bread.
But, I also love to eat at the local restaurants that serve Fried chicken, Biscuits and gravy, Shrimp and grits are one of my favorites, Pulled pork, Cornbread, Brisket, Mac and cheese, Catfish Po boys, Beans and Rice, Moon Pies, Boiled Peanuts, fresh Gulf Shrimp, Fish and $5 a dozen Oysters, Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Potato Fries. You can have a cookout and bonfire on the beach or a wedding.
Farmer’s Markets are open year round selling all types of Plants, Bakery goodies, Local Honey, Vegetables, Fruits, Pralines and Sweet Potatoes.
Summer in the South is like living in a sauna, which means you don’t need any expensive spa treatments to clear your pores. Your skin never gets dry, which helps stave off wrinkles. Once you wipe off the thick layer of sweat, you’re met with the most lovely, glowing skin you’ll ever see in your life.
The Deep South grows on you and before you know it, you are in love with the easy going Southern life.

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