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Mind, Body and Soul


Hope & Grace

Posted by AngelaMR , in Hope Poetry 06 May 2012 · 150 views

[size="2"][size="4"]I will no longer answer the tolling bell of the ignorance that surrounds me[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]I will no longer allow the shallow water on the darkened shore to ground me;[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]I will, instead, seek the music of the soul that is called living[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]and know each day is an even measure of taking and of giving;[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]Tomorrow I hope to find the sun shining brightly upon my face [/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]and those I love around me, safe within this place;[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]I pray I will find some peace and understanding as I go[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]caring and sharing the breath of hope even though I know;[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]there will be days, long days, when I will not see the light[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]days that feel as though they are, indeed, eternal night;[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]I will accept the strength of those who are so selflessly willing to share[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]having this gift, mayhap, I will find my burden a bit easier to bear;[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]I will walk the road of pain with you and share my borrowed grace[/size][/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]Just to believe, that tomorrow, we may feel the sun shine on our face.[/size][/size]

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