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Oh, My Son

Posted by AngelaMR , 24 April 2012 · 427 views

Crystal drops cascade down
Upon a carpet of sparkling white
Behold the diamonds as they float to the ground
Falling so soft and silent this night

Tears falling to meet the snow
Blend and glisten on the ground below

Tears of pain, tears of loss
Tears in knowing the threshold you've crossed

You may not be able to see the beauty now
As it gracefully alights upon the ground

Falling so soft as down on the land
But it departs as time if held in your hand

Beauty that none should ever hold
Lying upon the earth so cold
But you would have loved the marvelous sight
Of the diamond down that falls this night

You would have played as though a child
Sledding and sliding and reveling wild

Feeling immortal and living as you should
This would have been you; I know that it would

And as I stand revering this sight
I almost feel you are with me this night

It seems that you are the downy fall
It seems that you are so much of it all

Tears still freely meet the ground
Though I want to scream I make not a sound
For it seems that the crystal show might end
The sparkle and glow would have no will to descend

Perhaps this is telling me that it's time to go
And not allow this deep grief to devour my soul
Son, if you're looking from where you might be
Thank you for giving these diamonds to me

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