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Writing from the Padded Room


The Blah Blues

Posted by T.J. , 13 September 2012 · 223 views

[color=#333333][font=Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif][size=4]Could someone please explain why this happens? I have a great story idea. I have already finished three novels - all in some stage of edit - when another idea blasts in and requires me to type it out. I get all my Talismans gathered. I have written the first forty-eight pages...then *CRASH* *BANG* ... I go completely and utterly blank. [/size][/font][/color]

[color=#333333][font=Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif][size=4]Now to be honest, part of it is likely that I am criticizing myself far too much. Wrong beginning.....[/size][/font][/color]




Posted by T.J. , 10 September 2012 · 182 views

So many of us use it, either in daily conversations, blogs, our MSs, in our heads...you get the point. There are definitely ways to file humor: dry, sarcastic, snarky, self effacing, or one of my favorites, keystone Kops type of slapstick.




Posted by T.J. , 06 September 2012 · 77 views

We all have them. Those little things that must be close by when we sit down with pen and paper or keyboard. We get distracted when they aren't nearby, and can only pull creativity from our minds when we have said objects/animals/distractions nearby.




Posted by T.J. , 29 May 2012 · 144 views

[font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"]Recently I have started to completely rework a story. I mean delete the entire 300+ pages and start over with only the main character's personality intact. I am enjoying where it is going and like the story, and its premise, for the surprises. [/font]

[font="Arial"]On the side, I volunteered to do a short story to be blogged with others. Just the thought of creating a short story inspired me to write about a very special rottweiler.[/font]

[font="Arial"]Back to the work in progress, aka WIP, and I linked the two. And now I cannot put either of them down. [/font]

[font="Arial"]My husband is my greatest fan and he regularly asks me, "where do you come up with this stuff?"[/font]

[font="Arial"]My answer? "Everywhere."[/font]

[font="Arial"]The rottweiler is obvious because it is my favorite breed. The rest of it? I watched Sliders and wondered about a few physics questions. The proteins necessary? My love for genetics. A strong female character? My great aunt, my grandmother and my sister. Fight scene inspiration? My own experiences. The mythology I must weave into every story? My obsession with human psychology of days past. [/font]

[font="Arial"]Take all of these ingredients and throw into my mind. Add a good helping of imagination. Stir. Allow to ferment for a few days/weeks/months. Pull up MS Word, put in the headphones and let it fly.[/font]

[font="Arial"]Now I must deal with another story beginning to brew, even as I type furiously for the two WIP, edit a different MS and try to keep my mind in reality. The inspiration? A can of Dr. Pepper that has a dent on the rim.[/font]

[font="Arial"]I love being a writer.[/font]


The side of writing they don't tell you about...

Posted by T.J. , 21 May 2012 · 163 views

I spent the better part of a decade evolving my series, throwing words on paper, deleting, starting over, setting it aside and returning at various intervals. I am now satisfied with the results.

Until I understood I needed to edit those oh-so-rough drafts.

Five pots of sludge (my term for the coffee I make), a beta reader and ignoring my family for the past week has resulted in an almost completed MS. That is right. Almost.

My friends don't understand when I tell them, "I can't talk right now. I am in the fifth edit of my manuscript. I still have five chapters that I need to change the pacing."

"Writing isn't that hard. You are acting as if you are preparing to save a life."

In a way, I suppose I am. They don't understand you have to watch your wording, descriptions, word count, plot, characters, changes and pacing to name a few. The life? The one I created on paper. A world that exists only in my imagination but feels real to me when I zone out and type as if my life depended on it.

And I have to edit it repeatedly. Remove words and add something else. All in the hopes that I can catch the attention of an agent who may, or may not, be able to sell it to a publisher.

The second life I am trying to save - the hope I feel that perhaps, in some distant future, I can share the world I created. Hope that I can suspend a reader's reality and cause them to immerse themselves with abandon in the pages I have written.

This is the side of writing that is never explained. The roller coaster ride of editing, queries, and rejections. Even as a new world begins to percolate in the back of your mind, and a new life is put on paper.

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